Kitchens & Baths Sell homes!

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It's True! Kitchens & Baths Sell Homes.

Updated kitchens & baths actually increase your home's value and sell faster than similar homes that are not updated. But beware, not all upgrades can be positive ones. Steer clear of strong, bold colors and trendy investments that may not stand the test of time. While you may adore that red backsplash today, in a few years you, and your potential buyers may not be able to see past it. Keep to classic colors and quality appliances. Typically, they pay off in the long run.

Often small changes can make a huge difference... A fresh coat of paint in cool, light colors may be all that's needed to freshen-up a space while having the broadest appeal to buyers, and the best effect on your disposition. Add some new place settings and fresh flowers on display and voila, your kitchen may be ready to showcase.

De-cluttering and fresh towels are inexpensive and easy quick fixes too, as are changing cabinet handles, knobs, installing updated lighting, switching out incandescent bulbs for bright, new LED bulbs and adding new accessories.

Do your homework before hiring a contractor for any home project. Get references; ask to see their previous work. Look them up on the web.

Know if the project will require permits and be sure all permits are completed and closed out. An open city permit can cause delays in the sales process not to mention additional fees if left long overdue.

Obtain several quotes in writing and never pay for a job upfront. The last payment should follow their final installation, inspections and your seal of approval.

Still not sure if updating your kitchen & baths will translate into a higher return on your home sale? As a licensed real estate Professional I will evaluate your home individually and provide an analysis based on your particular neighborhood, real estate trends and current sales in your area. 

Providing my customers with the highest level of customer service, the latest information and guiding them towards increased home values are the cornerstones of my business. Don't hesitate to contact me today for your free home valuation.

--Kerri Leon, Professional Real Estate Service with a Smile.