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While we all do our part to stay home and be safe during this global health crisis, I hope these few thoughts will help you through it...

I have personally set a goal to stay positive and spread kindness, especially during these challenging times.

Here are a few simple, effective ideas to make sure we see the silver lining each day.

While still observing quarantine and social distancing guidelines get outdoors- walk the dog, bike, garden or just take time to reflect and smell the roses.

Use FaceTime, Zoom, Teams or pick up the phone to check in on friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

Spread some kindness each day. Nextdoor lets you see what others in your community may need. Give back – helping others helps you, too. 

(If you are not on Nextdoor, I'm happy to invite you! email me at kerri.leon@floridamoves.com)

Have a laugh! Share some jokes or funny videos to alleviate stress and lighten up with laughter.

Be grateful. Leave a reminder on your phone each day to give thanks for all the good in your life.

Schedule some downtime from social media and the latest headlines.

Go old-school- break out the board games, cards & puzzles and have game time with the family.

Take on little projects around the house- organize the drawers, closets, the garage, revisit old photos.

Share stories & memories with your children. Make a family tree, trace it together back to their great-great-great's...

Learn something new- try cooking, learn a language, paint, draw, increase your computer skills with new software...

Travel (virtually!) Many museums, art galleries & national parks are now free online! See: Travel online

Fix things around the house. Paint, de-clutter, rearrange the furniture, spruce up the flowerbeds. You may fall in love with your home all over again.

Meditate, relax, practice yoga... Quiet time is essential, and you might find a break from the headlines brightens your day. 

Remember, today's issues are temporary. I believe we can stay strong and persevere.

Please feel free to contact me for any reason – whether you have real estate questions or you just need someone to talk to.

We'll get through this together! ♥



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